Youthtopia Beverages® Teams Up With DRI Foundation

New Partnership Alerts Consumers of a Healthful Alternative in Youthtopia’s brand and its breakthrough Alley Oop® hydrating sports beverage

Cleveland, OH—(June, 2013)— Youthtopia™ Beverages, with its breakthrough new and hydrating sports beverage Alley Oop, today announced it is teaming up with the world-renowned Diabetes Research Institute Foundation (DRIF). The Partnership between the world’s premier type 1 diabetes research institute’s foundation and Youthtopia’s new line of better-for-you hydration drinks designed for active youth, teens and young adults 10-24 years old, will include a combination of financial support, event participation, social media and other activities that will help broaden awareness for both brands. The partnership is also designed to increase information and education about diabetes and promote awareness of healthier beverage choices while raising funds for cure-focused diabetes research.

Alley Oop tastes great and has only 40 calories and 10 grams of sugar per bottle.

Specifically, the DRIF ’s logo will appear on all Alley Oop™ product packaging. Additionally, the DRIF will be promoted at all Youthtopia-sponsored events and highlighted in all Youthtopia media announcements, as well as in its marketing materials and at its web site. The DRIF will be promoted via Youthtopia’s social media efforts through links between the two partner sites and mentioned on the Alley Oop™ radio presence at, and its mobile App, Roku, Tivo and coming soon to iTunes and Pandora. For its part, the DRIF will offer its events and partnerships, whenever appropriate, to Youthtopia Beverages™ including supporting Youthtopia in a press announcement and other marketing and promotional outreach and provide sampling opportunities.

“We are incredibly proud to be partnering with such a prestigious and globally respected   diabetes organization in the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation,” said Dr. Brenda Faye Jones, creator and founder of Youthtopia Beverages™. “I have seen too many young people with diabetes and, with our DRIF partner, we can both help young people learn more about what they can do to make smarter choices and provide critical resources to find a cure for this dreaded disease.”

“It is essential that we work with partners that are sending a positive message to young people about the need to eat right and make smarter choices. That’s what we see in Youthtopia Beverage’s™ brand mission and specifically in its Alley Oop™ product line,” said Robert A. Pearlman, president & CEO of the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation. “Because Alley Oop™ is low in carbs, low in sugar, full of vitamins and without caffeine or gluten, we see it as a better option for those requiring a sports drink for hydration and energy as compared to the many products currently available.”

Alley Oop™ is the first beverage introduced by Youthtopia™ Beverages and its first flavor is Citrus Grind. With only 40 calories per 16oz. serving, 10 grams of sugar and 10 grams carbohydrates, added electrolytes, vitamins including calcium, vitamin D, multiple B vitamins, all natural flavors and no preservatives or caffeine, the sports drink will provide a complete hydrating and energy-providing alternative. And, with its great taste and flavor profile, both Fruit Punch and Strawberry Mango flavors are on their way, youths and teens will now have beverage options that provide great taste and active functionality. Each bottle is expected to sell at retail for $1.99.

Alley Oop™ and other Youthtopia™ Beverages to be introduced are already available in South Florida in Miami/Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County stores and the will soon be available throughout the Southeast. Additionally, Youthtopia™ Beverages is dedicated to drawing attention for its brands through today’s new marketing including social media and video, active promotions with gaming and music partners and through other methods that reflect the culture of today’s youth.

About Youthtopia™ Beverage Brands, Youthtopia, LLC

The health and wellness of today’s youth and teens are at the heart of Youthtopia™ Beverages. Founded by a health and fitness inspired ophthalmologist, Youthtopia’s mission is to provide energizing, healthy and great-tasting beverages that are designed to promote an active lifestyle and fight diabetes and obesity. With more health and wellness issues facing America’s youth, including childhood obesity, digestive disorders, heart and circulatory illnesses, respiratory problems and type 2 diabetes, many of these ailments are linked to a poor diet that’s fueled by a lack of healthy beverage options.

All Youthtopia product lines are designed to provide parents and youth with healthful, delicious beverage options. The company’s goal is to educate, activate and naturally hydrate young people through our products and our marketing methods that send the right messages through the right channels that reach our target audiences. Youthtopia aims to cultivate a new culture of youths that are empowered with smart beverage options that combine health, great taste and fun! For more information about Youthtopia™ Beverage and its products, visit or call 216-200-8306.  

About the Diabetes Research Institute and Foundation

The mission of the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation is to provide the Diabetes Research Institute with the funding necessary to cure diabetes now. The Diabetes Research Institute, a center of excellence at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, is a recognized world leader in cure-focused research. Since its inception in the early 1970s, the DRI has made significant contributions to the field of diabetes research, pioneering many of the techniques used in islet transplantation. From innovations in islet isolation and transplant procedures to advances in cell biology and immunology, the DRI is now harnessing the power of emerging technologies to develop new cell-based therapies to restore insulin production. For the millions of families already affected by diabetes who are looking to the world of science for answers, the Diabetes Research Institute is the best hope for a cure.  For more information, call 800-321-3437 or visit

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