Curing Diabetes

Diabetes Screening and Clinical Trials

The DRI conducts research with the goal of translating findings from the lab to patients with diabetes as quickly as possible. After a promising treatment is developed and its safety and effectiveness in the pre-clinical setting proven, clinical investigators obtain regulatory approval to conduct diabetes studies, or clinical trials, in patients.

DRI clinical trials offer participants the opportunity to play an active role in the diabetes research process and to access potential new therapies before they are widely available. These studies provide important information to advance medical research and are crucial to developing a cure for diabetes. Participants receive unparalleled care and related study procedures and medications throughout the trial at no cost.

The DRI has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration to conduct several diabetes clinical trials. New studies in the final planning stages aim to halt the body’s attack on its own insulin-producing cells that caused the onset of type 1 diabetes and preserve islet cell function. These important trials will be conducted in multiple centers at the same time to speed the collection of data and the development of meaningful therapeutic strategies for patients.

Participating in a clinical trial for diabetes or any other disease is an important personal decision. To learn more about what’s involved, the National Institutes of Health provides information about participating in clinical trials on its web site. In addition, it is often helpful to talk to a physician, family members, or friends about deciding to join a trial.

If you would like additional information about DRI clinical trials, please email us.

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