Join Team DRI – Organize a Fundraising Event

Team DRI Bike Ride – Cycling toward a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Tips for Planning Your Fundraising Event

1. Identify event type and date – Establish an event that plays to your strength and talents, that’s also realistic to execute with the time and resources you’re able to dedicate.
2. Form an event committee – Bring together a group of enthusiastic and diverse people who share an interest in raising money to advance DRIF’s mission.
3. Create guest list – Identify who in your network is most likely to attend and support your event
4. Set a fundraising goal and create a budget – Identify how much money you think you can raise and budget accordingly. As a rule of thumb, for every $1.00 raised, no more than $0.30 should be spent. (For example, if your event raises $100,000 to support DRIF, your approximate spend should be around $30,000).
5. Develop an event timeline – Start from the event date and work backwards to create a logistics and publicity timeline that need to be completed, in order to execute a successful event.
6. Create an event page – Event Request Form
7. Promote your event – Send invitations, write a press release, media alert, feature on social media.
8. Collect all donations – Friends can support by making donations directly on the event web page or by writing a check to DRIF. All checks should be made out to: Diabetes Research Institute Foundation
9. Be gracious – Show your appreciation and send thank you notes, letters or emails to everyone who participated and helped to make your event a success.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation (DRIF)! For more information on Team DRI, please contact Mariah Moscone at or by phone at 954.964.4040 ext 1123.

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