Top 7 Summertime Fundraising Ideas that Everyone can do

Yes you can plan a summertime neighborhood water balloon fight fundraiser!

1. Lemonade Stand 
No one can resist buying a cup of cool, refreshing lemonade from the neighborhood kids.  Pair it with some homemade cookies, fresh fruit or an ice cream bar (kept in a cooler with dry ice), and you’ve got yourself a pretty nice fundraising stand.  Make sure to set up a sign to let people know the money raised goes toward a cure for diabetes. 

2. Car Wash
The ultimate summertime fundraiser!  Once you select your date, time and location, promote your event in advance by word-of-mouth, email, flyers…around the neighborhood, at church or temple, camp car pool, the office, etc.  You can even sell coupons in advance.  Make sure you have plenty of posters to attract passersby.

3. Walk, Bike or Any Type of “Thon”
These types of fundraisers need several weeks of advance planning but often offer the greatest rewards.  We can walk you through the steps.  Email

4. Create your own Fundraising Page Online
Avoid the heat and create your own fundraising campaign in the comfort of your home.   It’s so easy to create a page, insert a personal message and upload a photo or video.  Distribute the link via email with a note about what finding a cure for diabetes means to you.  Send it to your friends and family.  Promote it on social networking sites.  Set a goal and watch the “thermometer” level rise as donations multiply.

5. Garage Sale
This one raises money and gets the kids to clean out their rooms!  Pool your efforts by inviting multiple families to sell their old garbage slightly-used treasures with you.

6. Letter writing campaign
The old-fashioned yet heartfelt letter writing campaign still works well.  It’s a great writing exercise for kids to do while on vacation from school, plus it can be done from an air-conditioned room.

7. Water Balloon Fight
Ok…this one might be a stretch, but why not?  Get the whole neighborhood involved.  You can charge per water balloon, per player or team, and/or have players garner donations for their participation.  Make it a free-for-all or organize games.  Charge extra for kids who want to get a straight-shot throw at their parents (and vice versa!).  Sell popcorn, drinks and other goodies.  Get the little ones to help clean up after by offering a prize to the person who picks up the most broken balloon droppings.

Just don’t do nothing!  Be the Hero this summer by becoming a Diabetes Diplomat and creating your own fundraiser for the Diabetes Research Institute – the best hope for a cure.  If you have an idea of your own and just aren’t sure how to execute it, contact us at

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