Top 5 Reasons for Making a Bequest

So many generous people provide for the Diabetes Research Institute through their wills. If you’ve been thinking about making a gift in this way, check out the Top Five Reasons for Making a Bequest:

1. It’s an excellent way to support the DRI beyond your lifetime. It helps to ensure that the DRI’s research continues until diabetes no longer poses a threat to any of our loved ones.

2. You can combine your desire to be part of the cure with your overall financial, tax, and estate planning goals.

3. Leaving a gift in your will costs you nothing today, and you may be able to do more than you thought possible during your lifetime.

4. You can take pride in the legacy you have created and enjoy recognition for your gift now while also inspiring others to follow your example.

5. If your circumstances or priorities change, you can make changes to your plans.

Remember, the future of those you care about most is a reflection of the plans you make today. We hope you will consider making the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation part of those plans, and we’re here to help you. To learn more or request our complimentary guide “Your Will: A Powerful Tool for Supporting Your Family—And Charity,” contact Jill Shapiro Miller at (800) 321-3437 or visit

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