Science Journal Highlights DRI Islet Transplantation Research

Hollywood, FL (January 29, 2010) –  A special edition of the American Journal of Transplantation focusing on islet transplantation features several studies conducted by scientists at the Diabetes Research Institute, reinforcing the DRI’s leadership in this field.

The special edition of the Journal, available online, concentrates on islet transplantation with an emphasis on clinical and translational science. It is a collection of articles published by researchers worldwide, including eight involving DRI scientists.

“These reports should provide the reader with a comprehensive view of issues in islet transplantation,” writes the publication’s Guest Editor Dr. Jonathan Bromberg, “and the diverse scientific and intellectual paths that are being taken to move the field forward.”

DRI articles include:

Islet Preparation and Assessment:

A Novel Method for the Assessment of Cellular Composition and Beta-Cell Viability in Human Islet Preparations
H. Ichii, L. Inverardi, A. Pileggi, R. D. Molano, O. Cabrera, A. Caicedo, S. Messinger, Y. Kuroda, P. Berggren, C.Ricordi

Islet Transplantation in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Using Cultured Islets and Steroid-Free Immunosuppression: Miami Experience
T. Froud, C. Ricordi, D. A. Baidal, M. M. Hafiz, G. Ponte, P. Cure, A. Pileggi, R. Poggioli, H. Ichii, A. Khan, J. V. Ferreira, A. Pugliese, V. V. Esquenazi, N. S. Kenyon, R. Alejandro

Shipment of Human Islets for Transplantation
H. Ichii, Y. Sakuma, A. Pileggi, C. Fraker, A. Alvarez, J. Montelongo, J. Szust, A. Khan, L. Inverardi, B. Naziruddin, M. F. Levy, G. B. Klintmalm, J. A. Goss, R. Alejandro, C. Ricordi

Islet Transplant Techniques:

Long-Term Survival of Nonhuman Primate Islets Implanted in an Omental Pouch on a Biodegradable Scaffold
D. M. Berman, J. J. O’Neil, L. C. K. Coffey, P. C. J. Chaffanjon, N. M. Kenyon, P. Ruiz Jr, A. Pileggi, C. Ricordi, Norma S. Kenyon

Clinical Outcomes:

Quality of Life After Islet Transplantation
R. Poggioli, R. N. Faradji, G. Ponte, A. Betancourt, S. Messinger, D. A. Baidal, T. Froud, C. Ricordi, R. Alejandro

The Clinical Impact of Islet Transplantation
P. Fiorina, A. M. J. Shapiro, C. Ricordi, A. Secchi


Antiangiogenic and Immunomodulatory Effects of Rapamycin on Islet Endothelium: Relevance for Islet Transplantation
V. Cantaluppi, L. Biancone, G. Mauriello Romanazzi, F. Figliolini, S. Beltramo, M. S. Ninniri, F. Galimi, R. Romagnoli, A. Franchello, M. Salizzoni, P. Cavallo Perin, C. Ricordi, G. P. Segoloni, G. Camussi


Financial Issues Constraining the Use of Pancreata Recovered for Islet Transplantation: A White Paper
J. F. Markmann, D. B. Kaufman, C. Ricordi, P. M. Schwab, P. G. Stock

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