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Do you ever feel that your love and support go unnoticed? That no matter how hard you try to reach your child that your words fall on deaf ears? Will they ever realize that you push so hard because you want them to live their healthiest and happiest life?

As you well know, a diagnosis of any kind is not an easy feat and has an impact on every relationship involved. But so often, it’s the people we feel closest to that feel the greatest of intensity, both good and bad. Sometimes we rebel, other times we embrace, but what keeps a relationship bonded together for the long haul is trust.

Fly Baby Bird, Fly
Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 17 wasn’t the best timing for my mom and I. I was just beginning to spread my wings with her blessing and then, BAM! Diabetes puts me right back in the nest, feeling like a baby bird again.

Over the last twenty years, my mom and I, have tested every boundary you can imagine.

A snap shot memory has me screaming out to her, “When are you getting out of my life?” To which she immediately replied …”NEVER!” Not another word was spoken that day and with that I walked away with feelings of both frustration and deep rooted security. From then on, no matter what happened between us, I secretly knew that I never had to question if she would be there for me, care for me, or love me. And for that I am always grateful.
Mom, I love You!

Spreading Our Wings
Could we have done things better … of course! Could we have been kinder and more patient …
yes! Did we do our best with what we were given … absolutely!

Even though sometimes it seemed like nothing was getting through and that I couldn’t care less, I have to say that I heard and felt everything my mom was saying. I knew how much she cared, but at the time, I just wasn’t able to express it. I needed time to process my own feelings and thoughts about my diabetes. In good time though, we both found our best place, our best role, and our best relationship.

My mom has been my greatest supporter through the lowest of lows and highest of highs and for that and so many other traits and qualities, I want to scream an echoing, I love you!
Mom, I love you!

A Little Bird Says Thank You
Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I took the opportunity to say thank you to my mother. To this day she sticks by me through every one of life’s little bumps. Her strength has inspired me to never give up. Her determination has empowered me to keep focused on achieving my goals, no matter what the circumstance. The trust we have built has always allowed me to be me, no matter what that sometimes has looked like. Her laughter and love warms my heart every day and encourages me to do the same for others.

We have grown so much since my diagnosis, both as individuals and as mother and daughter. We celebrate and share our strengths, while supporting and honoring our weaknesses. Sometimes I wonder if we would have ever gotten this far on our own. Would we be this close? Would we be able to laugh at our hysterics of the past, like we so often do? I’m not so sure. I believe that we really did find our strength from what was once our weakness. Do I dare thank my diabetes for this opportunity to challenge and expand us on every possible level? I have to say the SWEETEST yes!
Mom, I thank you and I love you!

Keep on Singing Your Sweet Song
There is nothing more valuable than the love and support we get from our parents. Sometimes it is the simple action of just showing up that stands out louder than any words spoken. No matter what the situation or mood at the time, I beg you to listen intently, ask with curiosity, and continue to love unconditionally. Your presence is needed, wanted, and loved more than you know. Thank you for being an amazing example of what love is. You are adored, admired, and cherished beyond words can express!
Mom, I love you!

Written by: Trish Artman, Coach the Cure (2017)

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