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Earlier today, a newbie mom asked for tips from other PEP parents about how to handle Halloween, as this is her family’s first since her child was diagnosed.  Dozens replied with helpful and

One of our favorite responses came almost immediately from Jeanette…”Just like before plus insulin.” 

According to the Diabetes Research Institute’s Amy Kimberlain, a registered dietitian, kids with type 1 should never feel deprived or made to feel that they are not allowed to eat certain foods, especially during times of celebration. The insulin-to-carb ratio is what she uses to give patients a better understanding of how to cover for the food that they are eating, whether that be a dessert or a piece of candy.

Several moms suggested exchanging money for candy.  Jessica wrote, “I will let him have a piece and take a piece as his lunch treat for a few days.  Then, I offer him $20 to donate it, and he always jumps at the chance!”

Dawne chimed in that even before diabetes she “used to pay five cents for each piece of candy they did not want.  My kids would rather have the money than the treats.”

Other parents offered alternate evening plans.  Rochelle wrote, “It’s our first year too, so I told my son we would go to the church carnival.” 

Another wise mom, Michelle, stated, “The solution for us on Halloween and every day of his life since diagnosis was to give insulin for whatever carbs he has and to continue to eat healthy as well as indulge in treats in moderation – give insulin – and exercise and be happy.”  Well said!

Another option?  Can the candy and collect donations for the DRI as part of our Treat Me to a Cure Halloween Campaign!  It’s so simple…it’s spooky!  Download the artwork to wrap around your cannister.  Then, instead of shouting “Trick or Treat,” ask your friends and neighbors to “Treat Me to a Cure!” 

After the holiday, you can mail in your collected donations:
Diabertes Research Institute Foundation
Attn: Treat Me to a Cure
200 S. Park Rd., Ste. 100
Hollywood, FL  33021

So, as you can see…even with diabetes, Halloween doesn’t have to be so scary.  

Be safe and enjoy!

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