Larry the Cable Guy Hopes to “Git-R-Done” for the Diabetes Research Institute

Larry the Cable Guy with his pickup truck, the "Larry Mobile."
The “Larry Mobile” sold for $10,100 on eBay.

Los Angeles, CA (March 2006) — Known for his signature catch phrase, “Git-R-Done,” comedian Larry the Cable Guy has recently auctioned off on eBay the 1977 blue Chevrolet pick-up truck featured in his new movie, Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector. The auction closed on March 28 and garnered a final bid of $10,100. One hundred percent of the proceeds was donated to the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI), a recognized world leader in cure-focused diabetes research.

A strong supporter of the diabetes organization, he also designated profits earned from the sale of his “Git-R-Done” bracelets to the DRI. To date, the army-green colored, rubber wristband has generated more than $30,000.

“By giving a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this bracelet to the Diabetes Research Institute, I am honoring my father, Tom Whitney, who passed away due to diabetic complications,” said Larry, who hopes others will join him in supporting this cause.

Larry the Cable Guy Git-R-Done logo

Already on board is Ohio resident Jesse Mackey, the new owner of the “Larry Mobile,” which is not street legal, has more than 100,000 miles on it and is considered a collector’s item.

“After I saw the movie, everyone said I needed to have that truck,” said Mackey, who is not only a huge fan of Larry the Cable Guy but also has a connection to diabetes. The 25-year-old student has a family history of the disease and lost his grandfather to diabetic complications last year. “I felt really good about buying the truck when I found out the money was going to the Diabetes Research Institute.”

Larry the Cable Guy is one of the most recognized comics in the nation, he is selling out theatres and arenas across the United States. Larry has released two gold selling comedy cds, multi platinum selling DVDS and he also received a Grammy nomination. Larry most recently won Billboard’s 2005 Comedy Artist of the year and Comedy Album of the year.

In addition, Larry is a bestselling author. His new book “Git-R-Done,” debuted at number 26 on the New York Times bestseller list. His feature film, Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector is currently playing in theaters across the country.

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