Join the DRI Heritage Society…Allow Us To Honor You

Your Legacy Gift: A Catalyst for a Cure

Thoughtful and generous supporters who have included the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation in their estate plans or made contributions through designated giving vehicles are the powerful sustaining heartbeat of the DRI’s research programs. The Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) Heritage Society pays tribute to these special individuals whose commitments provide a pipeline of critical funding ensuring that cure-focused research continues into the future.

Many of our supporters have made substantial gifts to the DRI Foundation in ways that complement their financial objectives by designating the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation as a beneficiary of their will, living trust, IRA, charitable remainder or lead trust, life insurance policy, or another deferred type of gift.

Informing us of your plans is important for several reasons.

  • Communicating your wishes to us ensures that we utilize your gift in the manner in which you intended.
  • It helps the DRI plan for the future.
  • It allows us to recognize you as a member of the DRI Heritage Society and express our gratitude during your lifetime.
  • Your membership in the DRI Heritage Society inspires others to support the DRI Foundation in a similar manner.

Members of the DRI Heritage Society enjoy benefits which include:

  • Receiving a uniquely designed Heritage Society Award as an expression of our appreciation.
  • Recognition on a wall of honor at the Diabetes Research Institute.
  • Ultimately, upon receipt of the gift, your name will be inscribed on the designated wall within the Diabetes Research Institute reflecting your cumulative giving level.

Through thoughtful long-term planning, members of DRI Heritage Society are achieving personal, family, and philanthropic goals, and creating a true legacy that will help advance research for a cure beyond their lifetimes.

If you would like to request information or notify us of your planned gift and join the DRI Heritage Society, please contact Jill Shapiro Miller at (954) 674-3205 or at


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