Inside Our Labs: Diabetes Research Institute

Have you ever taken a tour of the research facility at the Diabetes Research Institute? For families affected by diabetes, it can be a hair-raising experience with the realization that so many talented and passionate scientific experts are all working together under one roof to reach the singular goal of a cure. Families leave instilled with a feeling of hope.

During the pandemic, we have had to close our doors to visitors to make sure our scientists are operating in the safest conditions. In this video, we’re bringing the science to you.

Get a glimpse of the research being conducted Inside Our Labs, where we are harnessing the power of islet cells to help people with diabetes live without the need for insulin therapy. Learn about how we are exploring revolutionary methods in regenerative medicine and focusing on ways to transplant insulin-producing cells without the need for life-long anti-rejection drugs.

We are continually pursuing cutting-edge ideas that will improve quality of life for so many. All of us at the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation look forward to partnering with you to continue developing this life-changing medical technology.

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