DRI Pins its Personalities in Recognition of World Diabetes Day

The International Diabetes Federation called for supporters to help bring awareness to the blue circle, the universal symbol for diabetes.

The Diabetes Research Institute and Foundation want to engage with the millions of people worldwide who will commemorate this important day. 

While the world takes notice of diabetes on November 14th, we stand together with you every single day of the year as the DRI moves toward a biological cure for this disease.

Please watch the video message from DRI Scientific Director Dr. Camillo Ricordi below.  Then, scan the faces of our “Pin a Personality” photo gallery featuring several of our DRI personalities.   

Please help spread the word about World Diabetes Day. 

Camillo Ricordi, M.D.
DRIF Pres./CEO Robert A. Pearlman

DRIF COO Deborah Chodrow

Midhat Abdulreda, Ph.D.
Rodolfo Alejandro, M.D.
Allison Bayer, M.D.
Dora Berman-Weinberg, Ph.D.
Big Dr. RiCUREdi
Peter Buchwald, Ph.D.
Juan Dominguez-Bendala, Ph.D.
Chris Fraker, Ph.D.
Luca Inverardi, M.D.
Diabetes Dad Tom Karlya
Gary Kleiman
Lil’ Dr. RiCUREdi
Armando Mendez, Ph.D.
Luigi Meneghini, M.D.
Daniel H. Mintz, M.D.
Bresta Miranda-Palma, M.D.
Spread the word! 
Ricardo Pastori, Ph.D.
Antonello Pileggi, M.D.
Alberto Pugliese, M.D. 
Kellie Rodriguez, M.S.N., C.D.E., C.P.T.
Jay Skyler M.D. 
Maria del Pilar Solano, M.D. 
Jay Sosenko, M.D. 
Cherie Stabler, Ph.D. 
Alice Tomei, Ph.D. 
The RiCUREdi bears love the spotlight!
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