DRI Foundation Named to “Top 100” Charity List

Miami, FL (December, 2007) — The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation has been named to the list of “The 100 Highly Rated Charities” by, a website dedicated to providing donors with useful information for their charitable giving.

The charities selected for this list are the most highly rated based upon efficiency and transparency, according to the GiveSpot website. “The organizations in this list are considered to be some of the most efficient fundraisers and spenders.”

All of the groups on the list are national or international, and spend 75 per cent or more of annual expenses on program services. Many are also highly rated by other organizations that evaluate charities, including

In a message to Foundation National and Regional Boards of Directors, DRI Foundation Chairman Thomas D. Stern said, “I want to extend my sincere gratitude, on behalf of the Diabetes Research Institute and Foundation, for your efforts that have enabled us to achieve this distinction. I look forward to our continued accomplishments in the year to come.”

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Lori Weintraub, APR

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