DRI’s Dr. Bendala Authors Book Pancreatic Stem Cells

The DRI’s Juan Dominguez-Bendala, Ph.D., director of stem cell development for translational research, recently authored a book, titled “Pancreatic Stem Cells,” published by Humana Press.  The book aims to provide a broad overview of an intriguing model of organogenesis (the development of the pancreas) from the perspective of stem cell research.   

The tangible prospect of devising effective cell therapies for type 1 diabetes has stoked a widespread interest in harnessing our knowledge on the basic biology behind the development of this organ.  The text is conceived as an all-encompassing guide to explore the many aspects of regenerative therapies for the endocrine pancreas, from adult and embryonic stem cells to endogenous (inside the body) regeneration and transdifferentiation.   

All these themes are built upon an up-to-date discussion on pancreatic development, which provides a solid background for both basic scientists and health professionals.  

The book is part of the Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine series, edited by Kursad TurksenPh.D., senior scientist in chronic disease at the Ottawa Health Research Institute.  It is available for purchase on the Humana Press website, Amazon and other online sources.  

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