“Don’t Do Nothing” This Summer

Julia Gardner is our featured Humaniteen of the summer! 

Summer is upon us!

To most families, that means summer camp, vacation plans, beach days and much-needed relaxation. And yes, you absolutely do deserve a break! 

But have you thought about organizing your own fundraising project and joining other Diabetes Diplomats to support the DRI’s work toward a cure? 

Make summer meaningful for you and your family. 

Host a lemonade stand or a car wash. Create your own fundraising webpage, then share with your network. The possibilities are endless. 

Just don’t do nothing! 

If you have an idea of your own and just aren’t sure how to execute it, contact us.

Be the Hero this summer by becoming a Diabetes Diplomat for the DRI.

A number of teenagers have decided to “Be the Hero” recently, joining the ranks of “Humaniteens” across the country who want to help find a cure for diabetes.  

Do you know someone who fits the description?  Nominate your Humaniteen (Humanitarian Teenager fighting for a diabetes cure), and we just might feature that individual in an upcoming article!  

>>Email us with your Humaniteen nominee and a description of why he/she deserves special recognition. 

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