$19.5 Million Gift Funds Diabetes Cure Research

Jim and Betty Guy

Transformational Estate Gift from Jim and Betty Guy Fulfills Legacy of Helping Others

$19.5 Million Gift Funds Diabetes Cure Research

Jim and Betty Guy were warm, kind, and caring individuals who touched many people in positive ways throughout their lives. Growing up as part of large families in the South, they knew what it felt like to struggle and experience hard times. After proudly serving in the U.S. Army, Jim became a general contractor and land developer in Michigan and Southwest Florida. Betty’s friends and family knew her as a hardworking, straightforward, kind- hearted, faith filled woman who had a presence that could light up a room.

Having lived with diabetes for over 30 years and struggled with several complications, Jim was determined to do what he could to help find a cure. After hearing about advances being made at the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI), Jim was intrigued and contacted the DRI Foundation to learn more.  That was the beginning of their long history of investing in the DRI’s research. In 2012, Jim was energized and full of hope after visiting the DRI, speaking with the scientists in their labs and discussing their mission to cure diabetes that he so strongly believed in.

Jim passed away at the age of 82, three years after losing Betty. During that time, he faced numerous health challenges. Nevertheless, his steadfast support of the DRI Foundation remained a priority until the end of his life. Jim’s sister, Maxine Louwaert spoke fondly of her brother and explained that “he truly enjoyed life and wanted others to enjoy it without the suffering caused by diabetes.”

Over the years, Jim expressed the couple’s desire to make a difference in the world. They envisioned a philanthropic plan for the wealth they amassed. In an extraordinary gesture of benevolence, they gifted most of their estate to charity with a major portion designated to the DRI Foundation. The magnitude of their generosity has been felt throughout the entire Institute and has enabled researchers to pursue innovative ideas and move their work more quickly from their labs toward patient trials.

“We are deeply grateful for Jim and Betty’s extraordinary gift and the impact it has made on scientific advancement toward a cure. They have truly created a lasting and meaningful legacy and will always be part of the DRI and Foundation family”, said Bill Fishlinger, Chairman of the DRI Foundation’s National Board of Directors.

We are humbled to have been chosen by Jim and Betty for their transformational gift. In tribute to this very special couple, a memorial is being installed at the entrance to the lobby of the Diabetes Research Institute. Jim and Betty will forever be remembered for their extraordinary act of generosity and concern for the bettering the lives of others.


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