Join the #BlueNovemberChallenge

Step 1: Choose a photo or fact related to diabetes that you’d like to share during the month of November. This could be a personal story, a diabetes fact, or a message of support.

Step 2: Throughout November, on any or every day, post your chosen photo or fact on your social media accounts. You can use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even share it on LinkedIn if it’s relevant to your professional network.

Step 3: In your post, be sure to include the following:
– A brief caption or explanation of the photo or fact. Share why it’s important to you and why diabetes awareness matters.
– Use the hashtag #BlueNovemberChallenge in your caption to help track and share your posts with others participating in the challenge.
– Tag a few friends in your post to invite them to join the challenge. Encourage them to continue the chain by posting their own diabetes-related content.

Step 4: Don’t forget to wear something blue or incorporate blue in your photo, as blue is the official color of diabetes awareness. This will visually signify your support for the cause.

Step 5: Engage with others in the challenge. Like, comment, and share posts from fellow participants using the #BlueNovemberChallenge hashtag to create a supportive and interactive community.

Step 6: If you’re comfortable doing so, consider sharing your own personal connection to diabetes in one of your posts. This can help raise awareness and connect with others who may be going through similar experiences.

Step 7: Have fun with the challenge and be creative! The more engaging and heartfelt your posts, the more likely they are to inspire others to get involved and raise diabetes awareness.

*** Important note: Remember to tag us on your posts!

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