Diabetes Research Institute Foundation Stands in Support of the Increase Support for Life-saving Endocrine Transplantation (ISLET) Act

Proposed legislation offers hope and progress for the diabetes community and advances the mission of finding a biological cure.

The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation announces its full support for the Increase Support for Life-saving Endocrine Transplantation (ISLET) Act, a critical piece of legislation being introduced to congress seeks to revolutionize the regulation of islet transplantation, a groundbreaking treatment for individuals with type 1 diabetes. This bill aligns with the Foundation’s mission of finding a biological cure for diabetes.

Islets, tiny organs within the pancreas responsible for insulin production, are vital for the well-being of individuals. Those living with type 1 diabetes face daily challenges as their islets fail to function properly, necessitating the administration of insulin injections. Islet transplantation presents an incredible solution by utilizing islets from deceased donors to restore natural insulin production, potentially liberating patients from the constant need for insulin.

Currently, outdated regulations classify islets as drugs, hindering progress and limiting access to this life-changing procedure. In contrast, other countries recognize islets as organs, establishing islet transplantation as the standard of care. It is time for the United States to catch up and provide the same level of recognition and support.

The ISLET Act, championed by Senator Mike Lee, seeks to redefine islets as organs rather than drugs, aligning the regulatory framework with scientific advancements in the field. This shift will promote innovation, improve patient access to islet transplantation, and potentially enhance outcomes and quality of life for individuals living with type 1 diabetes. The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation applauds Senator Lee and his colleagues for their leadership and commitment to addressing the regulatory mismatch that hinders progress in islet transplantation. By granting regulatory authority to the appropriate agencies and prohibiting the classification of islets as drugs, we can unlock the full potential of this life-changing procedure.

Medical professionals and experts in the field wholeheartedly endorse the ISLET Act. Dr. Camillo Ricordi, Director of the Cell Transplant Center and Director Emeritus of the DRI, Founding President and Treasurer of The Cure Alliance, expresses enthusiastic support for the bill, saying, “On behalf of the entire board of The Cure Alliance, we wholeheartedly support this initiative that may allow US patients with diabetes to benefit from islet transplantation, as is already happening in most of the rest of the world.”

The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation urges all members of Congress to support and pass the Increase Support for Life-saving Endocrine Transplantation (ISLET) Act. By doing so, we can empower patients, advance medical innovation, and bring us closer to finding a biological cure for diabetes.

Here are more ways you can help support this bill.

1. Contact Your Representatives: Reach out to your elected representatives in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Call, email, or write a letter expressing your support for the ISLET Act and urge them to co-sponsor and vote in favor of the bill. Emphasize the importance of empowering patients and advancing islet transplantation as a life-changing treatment for individuals with type 1 diabetes.

2. Spread Awareness: Share this announcement and the information about the ISLET Act with your network, including friends, family, colleagues, and fellow diabetes advocates. Utilize social media platforms, community groups, and other relevant channels to raise awareness about the bill and its potential impact. Encourage others to join the cause and take action.

3. Stay Informed: Stay updated on the progress of the ISLET Act by following news and updates related to diabetes research and legislation. Educate yourself about the bill’s advancements, potential challenges, and any upcoming hearings or opportunities for public input. Being well-informed will enable you to advocate more effectively and engage in relevant discussions.

Remember, every individual’s support and active participation can make a significant difference in the passage of the ISLET Act. By taking action and urging Congress to prioritize this legislation, we can improve the lives of individuals with type 1 diabetes and move closer to finding a cure.

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