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 DRI BioHub Reaching the Biological Cure

Restoring Natural Insulin Production

Scientists at the Diabetes Research Institute are developing a DRI BioHub, an integrated mini organ that mimics the native pancreas. Learn more

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The Diabetes Research Institute is solely focused on discovering a biological cure for diabetes

Accelerating Research Toward a Cure for Diabetes

Diabetes Research Institute scientists are making groundbreaking progress toward a biological cure for diabetes with iniatives like the DRI BioHub. Learn more >

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solely focused on a biological cure for diabetes.

Latest News

Study Sheds Light on Immune Tolerance

Islet graft after growth viewed through Living Window

Researchers uncover new mechanisms for protecting islets from attack.
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Study Reveals Transplant Environment Affects T Reg Cells

Shannon and Ray Allen

Dr. Allison Bayer and her team discover three key needs for successful T reg engraftment.
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Creating More Beta Cells

Using the oxygen sandwich, DRI researchers turn human stem cells into insulin-producing beta cells.

Published findings show that oxygen can dramatically improve human stem cell development. 
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Research Progress

DRI research aimed at preventing inflammation is key for keeping transplanted islet cells healthy and functioning long term.

Research findings published in peer-reviewed journals

The DRI's research progress is routinely published in leading scientific journals. Read more>

  • Learn more about the DRI's approach to curing diabetes >
  • Keep up with research progress and Like us on Facebook. Plus, see our posts on DRI Thursdays for the latest from the labs. Read the archive>
  • In Insulin Nation: DRI's Dr. Alberto Pugliese talks about restoring beta cell function >

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